Welcome to the homepage of the legendary basketball club Prule!


Maxibasketball in Slovenia has been played since roughly 35 years ago. But there are few senior sports clubs in Slovenia that can boast the tradition of the Prule basketball club from Ljubljana, which stands as a symbol of the renaissance of maxibasketball in Slovenia. Due to a different view on sports, in 1976 a national decision was made which forced basketball clubs into centralisation, almost bringing our club to an end. Yet true athletes never give up.

Unyielding tenacity and willpower kept the team, renamed maxi team, alive. We became independent and began organising friendship matches and tournaments together with other clubs which had suffered the same fate. Through the years the tournaments became frequenter, traditional, and soon, international. The first time we took part in an international senior event was in 1979 in Gemering near Munich, Germany. Since then no year passed without the Prule team's participating in at least some tournaments at home and/or abroad. We are proud to have represented and promoted Slovenian maxibasketball from Athens, through Zagreb, Triest, Alassio, Pesaro, Vienna, Brno, Přerov, Esztergom, Lyon, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Riga… all the way to Helsinki.

»He who fights can lose. He who does not fight has already lost.« (Franz Kafka) The motto that has led the club and with it the Slovenian maxibasketball to new challenges and a most successful 1997, the year when we, as the first Slovenian club in history, represented our country in the 4th World Maxibasketball Championships in Helsinki, Finland, hosted by FIMBA. Since then we have participated every year in the World (Helsinki, Finland, 1997, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1999, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2001, Orlando, USA, 2003, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2005, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2007) and the European Maxibasketball Championships.

The 6th World Maxibasketball Championships, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in August of 2001, organised by our club, was a most memorable event to all who contributed. The thanks for the amazing success of the event goes to the organising committee and the sponsor, the City of Ljubljana, for which they received international acclaim and praise. A special honour for the club was the first ever Eduardo Award, presented to us in 2005 in Christchurch, New Zealand, for the best organiser of a FIMBA event in the 1991-2004 period.

In its legendary history the club has had big achievements made by small players. Our biggest pride, however, beside the 30th edition of the international maxibasketball tournament, which we shall organise this year (2009), is the relaxed atmosphere of sportsmanship and friendship enjoyed by the members and their families and friends. Sincere relations between the members of the club are based on the spirit of volunteerism and devotion, trust and respect. The latter has enabled a unique and lasting friendship, seen among laughter over a pint of beer. Therefore, »let us not give the years to our lives, let us give life to our years« and let us keep on playing basketball – as we from Prule do!

I greet you with sincere hope that you will enjoy our website.

Vincenc Butala,