We participated at 51st Oktoberfest tournament.

In category M50+ we have made following results:


Prule:Venezia     46:32
Prule:Wroclaw    56:29

and in final game
Prule:Końćevje     40:48
So, we were exceptionally second.


We participated at jubilee 50th. Oktoberfest tournament.

In category M50+ we have, after exceptional battle, won against our good friends from Venice, with final score 43 : 40.

On picture after announcement of winners, we got traditional cup for first place from hands of Jackie Knerr,  the legend of Oktoberfest tournament, who organised all 50 tournaments.



In category  40+ there were playing 10 teams.
Two groups with 3 teams and one with 4 teams, in which were also us with Croatia, Estergom and Wien.
Prule : Croatia 43 : 58
Prule : Wien 37 : 25
Prule : Estergom 34 : 38

On sunday we played with Wroclaw and team Halstenbeck

We have beaten both teams namely
Wroclaw for 4 points and Halstenbeck for 17 points.


Only five members of PRULE participated, but they still achieved excellent results in all branches of this event. In basketball we reached 3rd place.

From Germering in 1981 till Oktoberfest in 2005

International Team action  dates back to 1981, with participation in a competition in Germering near Munich (a few pictures in remembrance) to Oktoberfest Tournament (since 1983 until today) with a specific part of the accommodation and entertainment.